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Philips GC4914/20 steam Iron

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Details of the product

Any fabrics - silk, linen, cotton, cashmere - can iron without any order that would have to be set to the temperature. The PerfectCare Azur provides perfect results without clothes or megégnének kifényesednének. The ironing is easier than ever.

OptimalTemp technology: the perfect combination of temperature
Optimal Temp technology is the only technology that maintains the temperature and the perfect combination of steam, so no longer need to adjust the temperature in the different tissues when ironing. The perfect combination of steam and temperature, because: 1) the intelligent control processor adjusts the correct temperature 2) HeatFlow technology allows for even steam and temperature equilibrium.
100% security - all materials humane
Guaranteed safe to use even on sensitive materials such as silk, cashmere, wool, polyester, etc. Iron independent testing institutes PerfectCare used the device to the most sensitive fabrics, and tests showed excellent ironing result.

100% simplicity - no need hőfokbeállításra
100% easy to use with no need hőfokbeállításra. One after the other, without waiting for the iron right clothes that fit and do not have to bother adjusting the temperature of the iron.
Tested by the textile industry experts:
This has been tested and recommended for the iron independent textile experts institutes.

Manufacturer: Philips
Type: Steam Iron
Power: 2600 W
Water tank: 300 ml
Vapour pressure: 190g / min
Soleplate: T ionicGlide
Other features include: automatic power off function Eco vertical steaming, wrap around cable network, water spray function
Warranty: 2 years

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