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Let us introduce our auction system where You can buy smartphones, notebooks, consoles, electronics, household items and more for the friction of their retail price!

You may also purchase any item without bidding, we always have them in stock!

Just like a live auction

Our auctions are very similar to live bidding. The main difference is that our auctions always start from 0 (zero ₦).

Every single bid increases the final price of the product by a given amount which can be found at the auction details page. There is a countdown clock at our active auctions which shows how much time is left until the auction finishes. After every single bidding, this countdown time increases by 10 seconds, allowing the participants to place their bids.

Only brand new products with warranty

Every single product is brand new and comes in an unopened box with at least 1 year of complete warranty issued by the manufacturer of the product. The product is delivered within 2-3 business days from winning and the shipping is FREE.

You do not have to worry about receiving the wrong product, because You have the chance to pay upon delivery to the UPS courier. If the product did not arrive in 10 business days, a complete - 100% - refund will be issued to You.

How to participate in an auction

First You need to register for FREE. After registration You may purchase bidding credits that can be used at any active auction. Theese bidding credits allow You to bid on the auction. With every bidding a certain amount of bid credits withdrawn from Your account. You may purchase bidding credits in order to ensure that You win the auction and not someone else who is better prepared.

The winner of the auction is the very last person to bid, just like at a live auction.

How to win an auction

The key to winning an auction is preparation. Register and choose the auction You wish, then purchase as many bidding credits as You can in order to be able to bid more than Your opponents. That way, You will surely win the auction and the desired product will sit on Your desk in just 2 days!

It is a good investment to prepare well. The average discount with which our customers can purchase our products is 70-90%. Register, prepare and WIN! Good luck!

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Cheaper than You think!

Only brand new products with warranty from the manufacturer, for the best available price.

Complete online security for protecting your privacy and data.

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